amusement ride accessibility

RFM Consultants will act as owner's representative with ride manufacturers to help you develop accessible rides..

examples OF completed projects and SERVICES

keynote Speaking

Bob will provide customized keynote presentations or seminars at your venue..

Behavior based safety

We can help you develop a behavior based safety culture using proven techniques and by engaging your workforce.

safety audits

RFM Consultants will help you develop audit tools to ensure your safety programs are sustained..

Safety and Accessibility consulting

RFM Consultants provides comprehensive safety and accessibility consulting services.

ADA compliance

Our team will provide a fresh third party look to help you improve your services for guests with disabilities ..

Strategies to save lives

We will help you implement proven strategies to rescue sudden cardiac arrest victims using a layered response approach.

facility safety Strategy

We will help you develop a comprehensive safety plan for your facility.

slip & fall prevention

RFM Consultants will help you with strategies to prevent and mitigate slip and falls.